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Gemstone Lithotherapy

Learn the old healing properties of the different gemstones in nature upon Mother Earth. Learn the power of gemstone colors, and how they relate to clearing denser energy in the chakra system. Understand the chakra system, and how to unblock energy in your body. 

Light Energy Work

Learn to light up your chakra system, and run light energy to heal your mind, body and spirit. Energize your medicine jewelry by performing eight light energy exercises, in the book, Medicine Jewelry Working with the Rock People, that comes with our medicine jewelry  to elevate your physical and spiritual vibration. Shop at our store on Ebay for your perfect jewelry set.


Gemstone lithotherapy and light energy work, works to balance and heal your mind, body and spirit energy, and connect you to Mother Earth's energy. Calling all light workers to awake, and be part of Mother Earth's accession process. You chose to manifest in physical form at this time, to be part of the spiritual transition to the 4th and 5th dimensions.

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